Looking for a juice processor who can handle your crop from berries to bottle?

Nature’s Organic Haven has an experienced team who uses the latest technology to quickly process your berries in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our organic certified berry processing room is set up to handle any and all phases of berry processing. Our small scale process can be set up to handle many different berries from grapes to aronias to elderberries.


The first step in our process is the destemming machine. The machine has interchangeable screens that can be swapped out to match the size of the fruit being processed.

From the destemmer, fruit goes to the washing station where it is water rinsed with or without the addition of a sanitizer. This step helps remove any leftover bits of stem and unwanted matter. After cleaning, the fruit can either go to the freezer for cold storage, or go straight to the crusher.

Berry Crushing

Crushing is a pre-pressing step in fruit juice production that makes sure every berry is broken open, thereby maximizing the amount of juice that can be squeezed from each berry. For some soft skinned fruits and berries the crushing step in not necessary and may be bypassed.


From the crusher, the berry/juice mixture goes straight to the press. Depending on the berry, our pneumatic bladder press can be loaded with upwards of 1,000 lbs. of berries at a time. The machine gently squeezes the berries until all of the juice has been extracted. For elderberries, 1,000 lbs. of berries will yield around 750 lbs. of juice.

We can run your berries through our entire process, or we can perform any of the operations separately to accommodate your specialized needs.

Need Your Juice Bottled?

Nature’s Organic Haven is also a beverage manufacturer and can bottle your juice in our certified organic juice bottling facility using hot-fill bottling. Read more

Bottling Natures Power Juice
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Our production team understands that the #1 goal is to provide the best overall experience for our customers, from beginning to end of the processing procedure. We process organic or conventional grown fruit.

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