Looking for a bottling company to private label beverages?

At Nature’s Organic Haven we have an FDA inspected, certified organic bottling facility capable of processing your product from start to finish. We implement a full HACCP program to ensure the integrity of our products and the safety of our consumers.

Our team of production experts, including an on-site engineer, can take your product from development to bottling, using state-of-the-art equipment and quality control measures that are second to none.

Hot-Fill Bottling

Our specialty is Hot-Fill bottling. The idea behind hot-filling is to bring a low ph product (below 4.0) to a pasteurization temperature and package the product without allowing it to cool. This ensures both the product and its container are safe for the consumer, and dramatically increases the shelf life of the product. We bring the juice product to a temperature of 190° F set amount of time and package the product above 180° F.

Our process begins with our 200 gallon batch pasteurizer where juices are formulated and heated to achieve a 5 log microbial reduction. The pasteurized juice is then pumped to a four head gravity fill machine. The PLC controlled fill machine consistently fills bottles with product and can reach fill speeds up to 30 bottles per minute.

Immediately after filling the bottles are capped and sent down the line to the date coding machine. On our bottling line we use a Videojet inkjet date code printer. As each bottle passes the coder it is marked with a unique best-by date and a product lot number. The date code makes the consumer aware of the product shelf life and allows for product traceability.


The final stages on our production line are product labeling and boxing. We have a semi-automatic machine set up to apply pressure sensitive labels to round bottles of many sizes. Once the label is applied, the product can be boxed and palletized for shipment.

Our process is very flexible and can accommodate many different product types, bottle materials, and bottle sizes.

Nature’s Organic Haven maintains the highest standards of organic protocol along with strict adherence to FDA guidelines for a bottling company.

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Bottling Natures Power JuiceBottling Natures Power Juice
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Our production team understands that the #1 goal is to provide the best overall experience for our customers, from beginning to end of the processing procedure. We process organic or conventional grown fruit.

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