The following research discusses the health benefits of Elderberries by leading authorities.

We have compiled a list of resources to help you get started growing elderberries such as:

  • Growing and Marketing Elderberries in Missouri Guide 
    By Patrick L. Byers, Andrew L. Thomas, and Michael A. Gold, University of Missouri; Mihaela M. Cernusca, North Dakota State University and MU; Larry D. Godsey, Missouri Valley College and MU
    A complete guide to growing and marketing elderberries in Missouri from site selection, propagation, establishment, fertility management, weed management, harvest and marketing.
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  • American Elderberry Cultivar Development for the Midwest
    Patrick Byers, Regional Horticulture Specialist from the University of Missouri Extension, summarizes the development of the American Elderberry in the Midwest from the past, where the industry is today and the future.
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