We specialize in providing quality dormant hardwood organic elderberry cuttings for commercial growers and nurseries. Nature’s Organic Haven has a team of experts who are passionate about growing elderberries. Whether you’re an established producer or new to farming elderberries, we have the experience, expertise and variety selection to help maximize your success.

We believe in providing a fast, economical way for commercial growers to get started growing elderberries; that’s why we sell dormant elderberry cuttings and rooted plants. The hardwood cuttings and rooted plants are simple to get started to establishing a viable commercial crop.

Commercial Grower Resources – To make growing elderberries a little simpler for you, we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources.

Varieties Available

A favorite, high yielding cultivar that can produce up to 7000 lbs. per acre. Read more (link to Elderberry Cultivar page)

Bob Gordon
One of the highest yielding cultivars in Missouri, that inverts its head when mature, minimizing bird damage.

A hardy, vigorous, disease resistant cultivar that produces very large berries.

A popular reliable cultivar that will grow in dry or wet soil.

A new, high yielding cultivar with a promising flavor profile.